What You Can Do About Air Pollution

A combination of numerous gasses including Nitrogen. Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Helium to mention a few make the air that we breathe. The burning of wastes, landfills, vehicles smoke, and fossil etc deteriorate the standard uniformity of the air. The enhanced level of gas makes air polluted causing air pollution. There are plenty of points or sources of air pollution around us in homes and neighborhoods.

Even at homes, lawnmowers, dry cleaners, vehicles, and backyard fires usually increase the pollution in the air. Several people die every year due to this constant rise in air pollution. The air we breathe makes us vulnerable to a lot of diseases. Therefore, everyone should play a part in reducing this menace. A few methods to lower air pollution have been discussed.

1. Repair You Cars

Vehicles have been a major source of polluting the air. Every car owner must get the oxygen sensor and fire exhaust problems. The exhaust system which is not properly maintained and repaired not only causes noise pollution but also releases harmful fumes which cause pollution in the air. So those who live near Spring Arbor Michigan can avail of the services of exhaust repair from exhaust repair Spring Arbor MI. They provide you with a new exhaust system too if needed. Other than exhaust systems, try to turn off your car’s engine when the car is in an idle state. As such engine emissions become a hotspot of pollution.

2. Use of Public Transport

At an individual level, we can play our role by using public transport for going to school, college or offices, etc. transportation needs a reduction to help a lot in reading the carbon dioxide’s emission. So try to avoid private cars for angle use. You can also use a carpooling system where more than one person shares a similar car for going to school or offices etc. The introduction of e-buses, which is a new technology, helps significantly in reducing emissions and eventually reducing overall air pollution.

3. Go Green

This phrase refers to opting for environment-friendly policies. You can change your lifestyle to protect natural resources and contribute to environmentally friendly policies. The companions of going green assist in choosing a sustainable lifestyle. Going green also enhances the body’s immunity to counter infections and illnesses. These policies help make the school, offices, etc a safer place. Going green involves policies such as using electric vehicles, using nonrenewable energy resources, and avoiding plastic use to mention a few.

4. Plant a Garden

The greenery helps in enhancing the quality of air we breathe. The plantation drives should be conducted now and then across the city/state. The plants or trees release oxygen and consume the carbon dioxide we release thus decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Individuals should try to maintain a garden in the backyard of the house or you can also plant small trees or plants in the driveways. The green garden and driveways also enhance the beauty of the house.




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