Cat Trees – 4 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Buy or Build Your Own

Cheap Cat Trees for Sale can make a wonderful addition to any home. Not only is it a functional piece of furniture that your cat will use on a daily basis, but it can actually add to the decor of any room. If you are looking for the many products on the market, what qualities should you look for when making your choice?


Be certain that you’re buying a cat tree that is very stable and made with only the highest quality materials. Don’t skimp in this area or you’ll regret it. Some questions to ask in regards to construction.

Is It Easy for My Cats to Move Around It Fairly Easily?

Remember that it needs to be constructed so the cat can use it as easily as possible. A lot of Shop Unique Cat Trees for Large Cats have poles that are not notched that make it difficult for your feline to reach all the platforms and shelves. Bottom line, it not only has to look good, but needs to be fully functional for your kitty.

Are The Tubes, Resting Areas and Platforms Big Enough for Your Cat?

Also, You Need to Think About This in Terms Of “Will It Still Be Large Enough When My Kitty Is Full-Grown?”

What Is the Quality of The Material Used?

Make sure everything is new including the carpet. Of course, if you purchase a cat tree, this is going to be the case. But those that decide to do it themselves, they might be tempted to use old materials. Old carpet might not be healthy for your cat.

All of the poles and wood should be new, the highest quality and not treated. You don’t want wood that has been water damaged or may have a bug or termite infestation.

Don’t buy any product that is made with fur. Unfortunately, it is just cheap and it’s not going to last. It won’t attach very well to anything and your cat will easily destroy it with its claws.

Stable Design

Every cat tree needs a very wide base. In fact, the taller the tree, the wider it needs to be. You never want the tree falling over, because it could scare your cat as well as injure it. To save some money, you might end up paying more in a vet bill and have a scared cat that won’t use it again.

Also, look at reviews and testimonials of the exact model you plan on purchasing. If they don’t have any customer reviews, then you might want to go elsewhere. Also, make sure they have a sensible return policy if it doesn’t work out.

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